Denmark and Berlin 2017

Ørslev Kloster

Berlin, and the man who invited us there

Last night we had told the manager of the B&B that because we wanted to get to Hamburg by 10 a.m. to catch a train, we needed to leave Als Kloster by 7 a.m. Would we be able to get an early breakfast? “I’m sorry, but we don’t start serving...

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Southern Jutland

Getting ready to begin today’s activities involved trying to keep water within a minuscule shower whose sliding doors did not quite meet at the edges, avoiding bumps on the head and left elbow from the sloped ceiling over the sink, and wondering whether the cool fog outside the window was...

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Aarhus and the Søhøjlandet

We wanted to get on our way by 7:30 this morning, so mindful that Ørslev Kloster has no housekeeper on staff, we got up early enough to strip the beds, clean the sinks, and collect the trash before we left. Breakfast was at Søster Lagkage (Sister Layercake), a bakery-café in...

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Nordfjends and the Limfjord

Rain was coming down fairly steadily when we got up this morning. Notice that we said “got up” rather than “woke up,” a full night’s sleep still being too much to expect. Last night Michael was plagued by a headache, and Nancy often has trouble sleeping when the only available...

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Having only partially adjusted to the Central European Time Zone, both of us woke up early and had showered, dressed, and mostly repacked by the time the breakfast buffet opened in the Hotel Barceló’s sleekly modern dining room. It was a nice spread: like most European breakfast buffets, it included...

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En route, with a brief visit to Hamburg

Now that we are veterans of several overseas journeys, packing has become a lot easier. However, anticipating what we would need for this trip presented some unique challenges. Today we did not need to worry about protecting the rest of the items in our luggage from dusty hiking boots and...

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Why Denmark and Berlin? Why now?

“You know what I’d really like to do sometime?” Michael asked Nancy one morning early in July. We were still in Colorado at Nancy’s sister’s mountain retreat, cleaning up after the family gathering where we had celebrated our fortieth wedding anniversary. “No,” Nancy responded. “What would you really like to...

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